Why Title Is The Glue....

Beautiful homes, lakes, landscaping, modern kitchens, hi-tech options, schools, and entertainment are always the talk of the town!  When you are looking to buy the perfect home you want the search to be quick likewise when you list your home you want a buyer quick!   When the magic happens there is an offer and acceptance jubilation begins!  You think what could possibly go wrong?

Outstanding liens, judgments, unpaid taxes, probate issues, open permits are just to name a few.  Sometimes these hidden roadblocks can break the deal and/or extend the closing date.  No worries!   A very important piece of any real estate transaction is the title company.  It's the glue that holds the deal together.

A title company makes sure title is valid for the buyer and seller.  They do a thorough and complete examination of the property and clear all outstanding issues so the person (s) or company buying the piece of property is the rightful owner and no person or entity can make a claim for the property.

We at Capital Land Settlements do just that!  We remove the roadblocks and make your closing full of  jubilation!  Do you have questions or need Capital Land for your next real estate transaction?  Call or email us (407) 790-7461 or jmangum@gocapitalland.com