What Is Title, Chain of Title and Why Is It Important?

Title is a bundle of legal rights evidencing ownership to real property (home, business, investment property, etc), including right of possession; right of use and enjoyment; right to control the property within boundaries of law, right of exclusion, and right of disposition, among others. The term is also used to refer to instruments (deeds by which such right of ownership is established). - National Title Insurance Academy

When you own your real property you want it for your home enjoyment, operation of business or investment.  It is crucial that title is clear when you take possession of it, and that is where chain of title is very important.

Many homes, businesses and investment properties  have been sold throughout the lifetime of the real property and improvements have been made, mortgages secured, possible defaults, and so on which can attached to title.

The chain of title is the history of title to a specific parcel or land.  It includes conveyances, mortgages, liens and encumbrances (public records, government grants, deeds, judgments) and extend through current date.  - National Title Insurance Academy

Original owners of real property should have maintained  the clean title throughout their possession of the real property  but many times the transfer or conveyance of real property leaves outstanding liens, judgments, permits, and other encumbrances that can affect the transfer and conveyance of clear title.

Before you close on your real property, ask the title company (Capital Land Settlements)  to see Title Commitment, Lien Search and HOA Estoppel; these documents show you what attaches to them and if they are clean, and also ask your title professional questions.  Not only does closing with clear title give you peace of mind and enjoyment; it also allows the title insurance company to insure.the property.

Capital Land Settlements  experienced title professionals closely examine all  title searches, lien searches, HOA estoppels and clears all outstanding encumbrances so buyers and sellers, business and investment owners and anyone transferring real property has clear and clean title before signing.  We answer all your questions and provide you any all documents of search

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