An Estimated Net Seller Sheet Should be Part of Listing Presentation

A realtor is always excited when they get a seller lead!  This is a potential listing he/she wants to secure. When researching, compiling and putting together a listing presentation a realtor should not forget the estimated net seller sheet.  As important as CMAs, Photographs, Realtor’s History, Staging and more, so is an estimated net seller sheet. It shows sellers an estimate of closing costs but more importantly what the seller is estimated to receive cash in hand.

Sellers and buyers can be suspicious of closing costs because they think so much money can be taken from them. Then they hear “ great deals” that closing costs are covered by lenders, builders, etc. Many times these “great deals” are not “great deals” at all and costs buyers and sellers more.

It is beneficial to the realtor to be transparent about closing costs, what are the costs, why are they  needed and then show sellers what they may receive in profit* or buyers what they need to bring to the table.  This information gives the sellers and buyers a more clear idea on what to list their house at or buyers what they can afford.  

While an estimated net seller sheet cannot seal the listing for you, when a realtor is prepared and includes one there is an excellent chance the listing will be yours!

We at Capital Land Settlements (“CLS”) offer very clear Estimate Net Seller Sheets to Realtors who add to their listing presentation.  If you want an CLS Estimated Net Seller Sheet for your next listing presentation, please give us a call (407) 790-7461 or email Jamie at

  • An Estimated Net Seller Sheet only shows estimated monies seller will receive