The Escrow and Disbursement Process

Do you know what Escrow is and why it is an important part of closing? Do you understand disbursement of funds? This is not uncommon, many time people ask us about both and what they are and their process in a real estate closing. Below is an overview of both processes!


If you have any questions, regarding escrow, disbursement or any part of of the closing process, give us a call or email us (407) 790-7461

New Rules For Realtors by Richard Fryer FREC Member

Realtors you are invited! Be the first to know the new rules and proposed laws for realtors for 2019! Richard "Dick" Fryer former chairman and current member for FREC will tell you what is on the commission’s plate this year for brokers, realtors and real estate teams. You don't want to miss it!

1.  Discover What Is on FREC's Plate for 2019

2.  Correctly Learn How Create a Real Estate Team

3. Learn How to Stay Compliant with FREC and DBPR

Richard "Dick" Fryer is a member of FREC, past Chair and President of IFREC Schools.   He is frequently called upon as an “expert witness” on topics and cases impacting today’s real estate industry.  Richard teaches real estate classes and is a recognized speaker. We are thrilled he is one of our speakers!

2019 Real Estate Outlook

Realtors, please join us January 8, 2019, as we hear from Jeff Fagan the 2019 ORRA President!! He is going to present his 2019 Real Estate Outlook to let you all know what to expect this exciting year in Real Estate in Central Florida. The points Jeff will cover are below:

1. What to Expect In Real Estate in 2019

2. Affordable Housing in Central Florida

3. ORRA Benefits that Will Increase Your Business

4. Q & A to Answer All Your Questions

Jeff is the incoming ORRA President and is a very successful realtor in Central Florida. He holds many honors including but not limited to Regional Vice President of Watson Realty Group, 2015 Realtor of the Year, Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager and Gold Key Certification

Capital Land Settlements is the host of this wonderful event! It is a lunch n learn; check-in is 11:15 a.m. and Jeff begins his presentation at 11:30 a.m. The lunch n learn is free and goes from 11:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m, lunch is provided. You Don't Want To MIss It!!

An Estimated Net Seller Sheet Should be Part of Listing Presentation

An Estimated Net Seller Sheet Should be Part of Listing Presentation

A realtor is always excited when they get a seller lead!  This is a potential listing he/she wants to secure. When researching, compiling and putting together a listing presentation a realtor should not forget the estimated net seller sheet.  As important as CMAs, Photographs, Realtor’s History, Staging and more, so is an estimated net seller sheet. It shows sellers an estimate of closing costs but more importantly what the seller is estimated to receive cash in hand.

What Is Title, Chain of Title and Why Is It Important?

What Is Title, Chain of Title and Why Is It Important?

Title is a bundle of legal rights evidencing ownership to real property (home, business, investment property, etc), including right of possession; right of use and enjoyment; right to control the property within boundaries of law, right of exclusion, and right of disposition, among others. The term is also used to refer to instruments (deeds by which such right of ownership is established). - National Title Insurance Academy

How Sellers Benefit from Prelisting Inspections

How Sellers Benefit  from Prelisting Inspections

We are asked by homeowners if a home inspection is necessary prior to one being ordered by the buyer.  We highly recommend one.  While a homeowner is very conscious about updates in a home, some areas of the home are often overlooked.

Why Title Is The Glue....

Why Title Is The Glue....

Beautiful homes, lakes, landscaping, modern kitchens, hi-tech option, schools, and entertainment are always the talk of the town!  When you are looking to buy the perfect home you want the search to be quick likewise when you list your home you want a buyer quick!   When the magic happens there is an offer and acceptance jubilation begins!  You think what could possibly go wrong?

Getting over the Fear of Rejection as a Realtor

Getting over the Fear of Rejection as a Realtor

After you pass your real estate licensing exam, the excitement to work with your first client will be tangible. Your sitting at your desk and the phone rings, a buyer is on the line! Even better, you know of a home that fits all of their desires. Two days later, you are standing with your new clients in the kitchen of what you believe to be their dream home.

How do I show up in Google Searches

How do I show up in Google Searches

Showing up in more online searches is a goal every business strives to achieve.  What was once a battle for time and attention is now a battle for online space. The more online space we have the likelier we are to gain visibility. 

Habits of the Successful Manager

You started a company and you’ve been running a one person show. Success hasn’t been easy and the company is finally ready to grow. Before you start hiring there are some things you need to know to be a successful manager. Here are some tips to ensure a well ran ship.

5 Steps to Happier Clients and Unlimited Referrals

5 Steps to Happier Clients and Unlimited Referrals

In a perfect world, a new small business would open it’s doors and have customers lined up, wallets at the ready. Reality check, this is not a perfect world. Instead, you work hard and PAY for every customer you do business with. On average it cost 5x more to get new customers vs. keeping old ones.